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Pet Hospital Santa Monica CA Offers Personalized Veterinary Care

Whether your pet needs a general health check or a specific treatment, you can be assured that your pet will get the veterinary attention it needs. At Pet Hospital Santa Monica, we treat our patients as if they were our own loving pets. That is why every patient gets the personalized care they deserve.

We offer comprehensive medical and specialty veterinary care. We provide health checkups, vaccinations, surgeries, Vet Santa Monica, and other services to help pets regain or maintain their optimum health. Our well-equipped facilities are one of the most outstanding in California. Therefore we are capable of conducting various diagnostic and laboratory tests such as Digital Radiography, Sonogram, Allergy Testing, Echocardiogram, etc.

Our veterinarians and veterinary specialists are Board-licensed animal lovers. Like how you are with your pets, our medical team and staff treat each of our patients with utmost care and compassion. Our veterinarians, specialists, technologists, and nurses are committed to lifelong learning despite already being well-qualified and highly trained. This is so we can continue to update our protocol on the latest in veterinary medicine and care.

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Personalizing Our Care

Every animal is different, even though they come from the same species. The care and treatment that worked for one dog or cat cannot always work for another. To provide the best personal and quality care your pet needs, we implement a protocol for new clients.

New clients must fill up an online registration form unless for a veterinary emergency. If you do not have an emergency, please schedule a veterinary appointment at least three days before the date when you intend to visit. We are a full-service pet hospital. On some days, the hospital gets a few patients, but other days can get crowded. By booking an appointment, you may be able to avoid long waits.

You will only need to provide your name, your pet’s name, the purpose of your visit, and your pet’s favorite treat so we could present it as a welcome gift to your pet. You will be directed to a calendar to check our available dates and hours to select from. Once your appointment is logged in our database, you will be receiving an email confirming your appointment. If you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact us via phone the day before.

All pets must be on a leash or put in a crate. We require this for everyone’s safety. If the purpose of your visit is to have your pet vaccinated and it is not Affordable Vet Care, please bring your pet’s Rabies Vaccination Card.

If you are transferring your pet’s primary care to us, please bring your pet’s medical records, medication bottles, etc. Provide the contact information of your pet’s former veterinary hospital so we could collaborate with them and develop the best care plan that precisely suits your pet’s needs.

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For further questions about our institution, services, and team, you may continue to explore our website or get in touch with us. Give us a call at (310)-3811-9481 or email us.